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Rooftop Solar Geelong

Liberty Electrical are your local solar power experts servicing Geelong & the Bellarine.

Starting with a free site assessment, we work closely with you to design a system catered to your home or business’s energy needs.

Liberty Electrical is committed to finding solutions to minimise your energy usage. In turn, helping the environment all while saving you money.

We offer a wide variety of energy-saving products including:

  • Rooftop solar
  • PV string systems
  • Micro-inverter systems
  • Home Batteries
  • System service, repairs & alterations


Home Battery Geelong

If you have rooftop solar but do not yet have a home battery, any excess electricity generated is usually sent to the grid.

But did you know that by installing a home battery with your solar power system you will be able to store excess solar energy? Why? So you can use the stored energy in your home battery on cloudy or low light days, at night, or to provide backup power during a blackout.

Battery storage is a smart way to offset your electricity costs as it helps to further reduce energy costs.


Get your Geelong Solar Power with Liberty Electrical

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