Heat Pump Installation Geelong

Liberty Electrical and Air Conditioning are your local Heat Pump experts servicing Geelong and the Bellarine. We offer only top-quality systems that are built to last. Our heat pump installation Geelong team takes the utmost pride in their work. We are dedicated to not only installing a system that works well, but also looks great.

As a Victorian householder, you could be eligible to receive a hot water rebate. To find out more information and to check if you are eligible, click here.


How do reclaim heat pumps work?

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System includes a heat pump (compressor) and a storage tank, which can be either stainless steel or glass-lined. This system captures heat from the surrounding air to heat a pressurized refrigerant, using CO2, which is ozone-friendly. It can provide over five units of heat energy from the ambient air for every unit of electricity consumed, significantly reducing the energy cost of producing hot water. Additionally, the CO2 Heat Pump performs well in cold weather, eliminating the need for a supplementary boosting element.

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Heat Pump Installation Geelong with Liberty Electricalistore Heat Pump Installation Geelong with Liberty ElectricalReclaim Energy Heat Pump Installation Geelong with Liberty Electrical


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